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How Technology Is Changing Dog Ownership?

How Technology Is Changing Dog Ownership?

Dogs are man’s best friend. If you believe this saying, then you should know that what affects a man will also affect his friend. The world is changing, and technology is a massive part of the changes happening.

Technology has not only affected man, though. It has also changed everything around him, including the ownership of his best friend, dogs.

The pet industry, in general, has experienced several technological advancements. There are new trends and innovations in pet care, grooming, and policies.

The benefits and challenges that came with dog ownership a few years ago are not the same with what dog owners today face. Technology has both improved and complicated certain things.

Are you a dog owner or planning to get one? We have highlighted the technological advantages that are currently available and improvements that you will see in a few years.

What Has Technology Done To Dog Ownership?

In 1915, Alpheus Hyatt Verrill said, “There is no excuse for pampering, constant fondling, dressing up in clothing and other ridiculous customs.”

Verrill, who insisted that dogs should be treated like the animals they are, will have more words than ‘ridiculous’ if he sees how dogs get treated today.

Americans pamper their dogs like children and probably spend more money on them than on their kids.

In 2018, Americans spent between $80 – $142 per month on pets, totaling about $1,300 per year. Despite economic and financial issues, pets, dogs especially, are still getting great treatments.

Dog owners understand the emotional benefits they get from their pets so, most of them do not mind the cost.

Technology has also helped to make the life of the dogs and their owners simpler and easier though more expensive.

Picture Of What Has Technology Done To Dog Ownership

Here are some of the aspects of dog owners have experienced changes;

1. Gadgets

Dog owners now have several devices to make monitoring and caring for their dogs easier. You can watch your dog in your absence, feed it treats, and even keep an eye on its health. You can also get a wide range of toys for your dogs.

One of the gadgets available for dog owners is the iCPooch, which allows you to video conference with your dogs when you are not home.

You can also remotely give them treats that will make the dogs come to the camera. PetBot also has a monitor that takes short videos of your pet and send them to your email address.

Apart from monitoring, you can also get gadgets to keep your dogs fit. A recent survey has shown that more than half of the American dog population is overweight.

You can keep your dog fit by getting a dog treadmill. Voyce, by Fitbit for dogs, will also help you record the activity levels of your dog, helping you to keep an eye on its health.

There is a wide range of gadgets available for dog owners today. Think of any way you can pet care can be more comfortable and you will find that there is a device already available for it. Even if there isn’t, the pet technology industry is regularly getting updated.

2. Grooming

You indeed love your dog, but you will agree that cleaning after your pet might be tiring at times. Technology has done a great deal in making the messy side of having a dog less messy.

From pet hair cleaning tools to grooming machines, you can enjoy your pets with less stress and hassle.

Groomrade, an innovation by Atronia Innovations, uses a noiseless air touch technology to help dog owners groom their dogs. Another advantage of this technology is that you get to avoid dog hair on your floor and carpet.

However, we don’t think technology will replace the services of an excellent grooming service soon, though.

Apart from what you do at home, you can still employ the services of a grooming center. You can get pet grooming in Minneapolis for a very reasonable price.

3. Veterinary Services

Technology has also improved veterinary services for dog owners. Dog owners can easily connect with their dog vets and a community of other dog owners. Gadgets designed to check the health of dogs also help the work of vets.

An example of these technological advancements is BabelBark. This platform, created by Roy Stein and Bill Rebozo, helps pet owners connect to a reliable network of local and affordable veterinarians. Technology has made vet services both cheaper and faster to obtain.

Dog owners can also connect to pet caregivers who can watch over their dogs. Mobile phones and security cameras ensure that dog owners can trust these caregivers to take the best care of their pets.

4. Social Media

It is no longer strange to see social media accounts open for various pets. Dog owners have not lagged in this trend. There are several social media accounts for dogs.

Facebook and Instagram are two of the most popular platforms for these accounts. You can open one for your dog today if you haven’t and join the network of dog lovers. You get to share awesome videos of your pet and any other information you feel like sharing.

Picture Of Dog and social media

5. Research

Technology has sponsored more profound inquiry into the life of pets. One of the most significant research is selective breeding. This research birthed the Great Danes and dachshunds.

Modern technology has taken it a step further though with select desired traits in species with precision in less time than traditional breeding takes.

Other research include the language of dogs, DNA editing, and much more. Research and innovations into pet wearable technology are also on the high rise with an expected 16% increase this year.

Technology has aided and pushed along research into dogs and pets in general, helping owners know more and get more from their pets.

6. Robopets

It would be wrong to talk about technology affecting dog owners without talking about robot pets.

With technological advancements and the issues surrounding pet sustainability, it wouldn’t be shocking if robot pets take the place of actual dogs in a few years.

AIBO, a robotic dog manufactured in Japan, was appreciated by owners. They even conducted funerals for the dog when Sony stopped repairs.

The busier lifestyle of pet owners and the expense of sustaining actual pets all point to a future for robotic pets.

However, in the meantime, according to a Fortune-Morning Consult Poll, 76% of pet owners see their pets as ‘beloved family members.’

While technology has helped improve pet grooming, care, and health, it is yet to replace man’s best friend.

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