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Poincaré Map

 A continuous flow can generate a discrete map in at least two ways: by a time-T map and by a Poincaré map. A time-T map results when a flow is sampled at a fixed time interval T. That is, the flow is sampled whenever t = nT for n =…

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   To calculate the stability of a fixed point consider a small perturbation,  The Taylor expansion (substituting eq. (4.16) into eq. (4.2)) about  gives It seems reasonable that the motion near the fixed point should be governed by the linear system since  . If  is…

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Magnetic Deflection of Electrons

If you have not already done so please read the General Introduction to Experiments EF-1 and EF-2. In this experiment we consider the effect of a magnetic field on the motion of electrons. Just as the electric field represents the…

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