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Quadratic Map Program

The Quadratic Map Program for the Apple Macintosh computer allows the user to easily run, analyze, see, and hear data from the quadratic map (aka, the logistic map):

which is the simplest example of a nonlinear system exhibiting chaotic and complex behavior. Like it’s cousin, the bouncing ball program, the quadratic map program strictly follows the Macintosh interface guidelines.

Several windows on the simulation can be exhibited at any given time:

As well as bifurcation diagrams :

showing how the system approaches chaos through the period doubling route to chaos.

By simply pointing an clicking, and capturing regions in bounding boxes, areas of interest can be expanded and explored in more detail:

The quadratic map program (and other software) are sold with the book: An Experimental Approach to Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos by Nicholas B. Tufillaro, Tyler Abbott, and Jeremiah Reilly (Addison-Wesley, 1992). The book contains an extensive User’s Manual, as well as other instructional material providing a “hands on approach” to learning about nonlinear dynamics and chaos. For the lastest versions of the programs, or to get a copy for review or evaluation for possible class room use.

Nicholas B. Tufillaro,
Chaos Experiment Quadratic Map Lab Manual
(unpublished, 28 September 1986)


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