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Nick’s Nonlinear Dynamics Archive

Nicholas B. Tufillaro 

This archive contains information and programs useful for nonlinear time series analysis with an emphasis on the new area of topological time series analysis and includes:

  • Nonlinear dynamics resource letter from the September 1997 Issue of the American Journal of Physics . (PDF Version )
  • Pointers to other nonlinear dynamics, time series analysis, and scientific software archives.
  • References to some first papers in the topological analysis of chaotic time series,
  • e-print servers at Los Alamos , and Stony Brook,
  • Meetings, workshops, and conferences,
  • Archives of software for the simulation and analysis of nonlinear systems,
  • Movies of chaos and complexity,
  • Name that nonlinear person, a picture gallery of people working in nonlinear science,
  • Programs for the Macintosh computer showing nonlinear and chaotic dynamics (quadratic map, bouncing ball). And Ode, a program for the numerical solution of ordinary differential equations that runs on UNIX systems.

More information about Nick’s past (pre 1996) research and references to his work.

There is also a sample section of our book, An Experimental Approach to Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos (Tufillaro/Abbott/Reilly), published by Addison-Wesley in 1992. [PDF]. [HTML Version]. Buy a complete copy at Amazon.

Nick’s esume showing some of the places he has visited and people he has worked with. Some physics courses  Nick taught in Walla Walla which has plenty of water. Here is an audio introduction from Nick; a jig; or reel provides a more musical hello. Nick’s mug shot for crimes of fashion and picture gallery. A bike I built in 1996 after I lost my Bill Boston.

Pictures from my favorite place, Dunedin, New Zealand. Physics Department at University of Otago in Dunedin. The Otago Daily Times. My Dunedin diary [PDF] (circa 1993).

Previous Projects:

A lot can be learned about the dynamics of two-degree of freedom Hamiltonian systems by studying SAM–a Swinging Atwood’s Machine (circa 1982).

Bouncing ball (circa 1986).

Complex behavior in capillary ripples (shaken not stirred, circa 1988).

Our experiments on strings (like guitar strings) are reported here as well (circa 1990)

A talk outlining thoughts on the future of nonlinear dynamics (circa 1995).

Experiments on automated modeling of a chaotic pendulum and similar mechanical devices (circa 1996).

Talk overviewing potential applications of symbolic dynamics (circa 1997).

Examples of black-box (behavioral) modeling of electronic circuits.

Abstracts of our NSF sponsored research projects.

Also of Interest:

Argentine nonlinear dynamics group (Solari, Mindlin, Ponce-Dawson).

Web sites for Toby Hall and Andre deCarvalho studying horseshoe dynamics.

Predrag’s course on classical and quantum chaos.

UK Nonlinear News.

Marc Lefranc’s web site on The Topology of Chaos.

Phyiscs Jobs:

Chronicle of Higher Education current job listings in physics. AIP’s Academic jobs’s list. SIAM job list. LANL Jobs, Higher Education Jobs.


Summer folk concerts in King of Prussia, PA,

Bay Area Music Venues: New Music Bay Area, Old First, SF Conservatory of Music , Plough and Stars, Starry Plough Berkeley, Great America Music Hall, Freight and Salvage, The Fillmore, Cafe du Nord, Slims, Hotel Utah, House Concerts, Fox Theatre, Noe Valley Music Series

Directions to Deer Creek Site of Agilent Labs in Palo Alto:

Map to Agilent Deer Creek Labs in Palo Alto
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Directions to my San Francisco office.


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