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How To Build A Successful E-Commerce Business On Amazon

How to Build a Successful e-Commerce Business on Amazon

It is more challenging than ever to compete in the area of eCommerce successfully. You see the influx of new products every day, new brands finding their way into the ever-competitive marketplace, and many consumers constantly shifting their loyalties to the latest brand.

Branding is the most potent weapon any organization can have when it comes to eCommerce. It gives you an edge over other products. People purchase a product when they can connect with the brand.

Ecommerce, also known as electronic commerce, is the act of buying and selling products and services via the internet. The most successful way to start an eCommerce business is through Amazon FBA( Fulfilment by Amazon). It is a service that allows sellers to store, package, and ship their product to an Amazon customer.

How do you then become a successful Amazon FBA business owner? Where can you learn to create an eCommerce brand that will allow you to profit up to six figures on Amazon? You need to check out something like the Amazing Selling Machine.

What is the Amazing Selling Machine?

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Amazing Selling Machine(ASM) is a digital course that educates you on the steps required to build a quality physical product and services on the Amazon seller marketplace. It was initially launched in 2013 by business owners, Matt Clark and Jason Kayzenback.

The course is about taking advantage of Amazon’s excellent brand power to advertise your physical products to over 300million potential customers.

It includes an online training course over 8- weeks. This training involves a private mentorship program and private resource vault specially designed to educate new sellers on how to develop a successful Amazon FBA business from scratch.

The program comes for $4997 to upfront buyers and six months installment payment of $997. As a buyer, you are entitled to an 8-week online training, lifetime membership to the Amazing Selling Machine community and forum, access to the mentorship program, access to the private resource vault, expert product listing evaluation, and many more.

How does the Amazing Selling Machine work?

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The Amazing Selling Machine training teaches you the process of setting up your eCommerce brand on Amazon. This process can be achieved by using the Amazon FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) service.

Three instructors take the ASM training; Mike McClary, Dan Ashburn, and Rich Henderson. These three men have each successfully built a 7-8 figure business on Amazon. You will go through 9 core modules:

 1) The Welcome Module:

You will be introduced to ASM training, dashboard overview, success principles, etc.

2) Finding the perfect product:

This 17 lessons module includes elements of a profitable product, opportunity list, hot products, product selection tips, etc.

3) Evaluating suppliers and samples:

These ten lessons module includes where and how to source products and suppliers, get samples, Amazon fees, etc.

4) Ordering your inventory and Creating your brand:

This 16 lessons module teaches you how to place your first inventory order, create a logo, get the highest profit margins, etc.

5) Building your brand asset:

This 14 lessons module takes you on creating a branded website and social media presence, building a subscriber list, setting up a ManyChat account, etc.

6) The perfect product page:

This 14 lessons module teaches you how to Craft an excellent Amazon listing, Strategic keyword research for top Amazon rankings, etc.

7) The perfect product launch:

These 12 lessons take you on the Amazon launch process, tracking data and statistics for better decision- making, etc.

8) Advanced marketing and traffic tools:

This module consists of 12 lessons. You will learn how to get testimonials, optimizing ad traffic/conversion, product variations, etc.

9) Taking your business to the next level:

This 11 lessons module is the last. You will be enlightened on Facebook retargeting, Instagram, YouTube and Google ads, etc.


You may wonder if the Amazing Selling Machine is worth it, considering the price tag and competitiveness of the online marketplace. Here are the reasons you should buy the ASM:

1) Comprehensive training program

What the Amazing Selling Machine training program offers is a step by step teaching that empowers you to take advantage of the selling power of Amazon. The 8 module training contains videos that take you through everything you need to know.

2) Access to excellent services

Once you become a member of the ASM, you are instantly given access to the private online community, connecting you with over 30 thousand Amazon sellers worldwide. You also have access to the private resource vault.

3) Money-back guarantee

Many people are skeptical about doing things online. ASM allows for a 30-day money-back guarantee. It ensures that you don’t feel scammed with the program. If you are not convinced of any of the programs for any reason, you can request a full payback within a month of joining.


1) The tuition fee of $4997 doesn’t cover all expenses

Shelling out $5k on an online course is a considerable investment for many.  But, the bad side is that the payment is only the beginning of investments if you want to build your ASM business from scratch. Once you begin, you might need to invest in product inventory, which costs about $500-$2000, and also for marketing costs for about $500 plus.

2) It isn’t easy to build a successful Amazon FBA business

If what ASM teaches is easily profitable, there should be more people making a 7-8 figure business for themselves. It isn’t easy to create a niche for oneself on Amazon.


If you are thinking of taking any Amazon FBA course, your best shot is with the Amazing Selling Machine. No other system can boost your level of knowledge, mentorship, a direct coaching, and access to resources offered by ASM.

Building a successful Amazon FBA business doesn’t come easy and cheap. But, if you can follow the steps and keep working hard, then a successful business can be built after taking the Amazing Selling Machine course.

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