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Quadratic Map Program

The Quadratic Map Program for the Apple Macintosh computer allows the user to easily run, analyze, see, and hear data from the quadratic map (aka, the logistic map): which is the simplest example of a nonlinear system exhibiting chaotic and complex behavior. Like it's…

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Nick’s Nonlinear Dynamics Archive

Nicholas B. Tufillaro  This archive contains information and programs useful for nonlinear time series analysis with an emphasis on the new area of topological time series analysis and includes: Nonlinear dynamics resource letter from the September 1997 Issue of the American…

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Bouncing Ball Program

The bouncing ball simulation system is a program for the Apple Macintosh computer that provides a physically accurate rendering of the motions of a ball impacting with a sinusoidally vibrating table. The program adheres to all the Macintosh interface guidelines, thus making…

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Period Doubling Ad Infinitum

  This diagram reveals not one, but rather an infinite number of period doubling bifurcations. As  is increased a period two orbit becomes a period four orbit, and this in turn becomes a period eight orbit, and so on. This sequence…

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